Blank page got your tongue?


“Carolyn is the BEST to work with. She communicates clearly throughout the whole process, makes really great suggestions, and her work is of the highest quality. Highly recommend!"

Sarah Kertz, Founder, MindWander
George Van den Bergh, CEO & Founder,

"Carolyn worked extremely well. I really like her style and will definitely be using her services again!"

– George Van den Bergh, CEO & Founder,


“Trusting someone to help with your brand’s online presence is an important decision. I needed someone that I could rely on to understand and engage my audience, as well as accurately reflect my business. Carolyn fits the bill perfectly!”

– Stephanie Palmer Taxy, Founder, Good in a Room

George Van den Bergh, CEO & Founder,

Hi there! I’m Carolyn.


I craft crisp copy for businesses that want to make more money. Using seriously effective marketing strategies that slay your competitors.

While filled with snappy language and splashes of creativity, my work is always research-driven. I use conversion copywriting and SEO marketing tactics that help your website work overtime (so you don’t have to).

Bottom line? I make all that good digital marketing & conversion copywriting “stuff” work for you and your business.

Resonate with your target audience. Convert them into your dream customers.

With just a little extra zing. Like the perfect lemon twist in your gin & tonic.

(Because who doesn’t love that sort of splash!?)

Jacki Hart, Founder, Consulting by Hart

"I needed a captivating story that resonated with my perfect-fit clients. And I needed huge help on feeling my way through adding a new offering and revenue stream to my online presence. Carolyn made the whole process painless, and a great success!”

– Jacki Hart, Founder, Consulting by Hart


Is your copy pulling its weight for your business?

Because that’s what it should be doing. Attracting your dream clients and converting them into your favorite customers. (Not to mention that extra money in your bank account!)