TimeTap Website Copy Tear Down: How to Write A Great Value Proposition (+ Why Clear Over Clever Really Counts!)

Feeling stuck with your value proposition? In this website copy tear down, I’ll show you how to write a value proposition. And I’ll also show you why it’s (almost) always better to write clear copy instead of clever.


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Hey, I'm Carolyn. And today we'll do a quick copy tear down for a digital scheduling tool I stumbled upon called TimeTap. I will be taking a look at their homepage. So stay tuned to see my overall assessment of their page, followed by a little bit of live editing, we'll wrap up with their top three actions that TimeTap could take to optimize for better freemium signup conversions. And of course, you'll pick up some of my favorite copywriting tips along the way.


All right, well, let's get started.


So, here we are taking a look at their homepage. We have a little bit of an eyebrow copy right here, "your schedule may be hectic and out of control." And then our headline, "but with TimeTap, you don't have to be" and our call to action here is "watch the demo video".


So moving along down the page. First call to action to sign up for a freemium account. Turn missed calls into booked appointments. "You deserve an online scheduling process designed for your business." And then we have some hover links, all of them look like you could learn more. But then it flips, the image flips around and it's a "sign up for free" call to action.


We have a little bit of social proof here with these logos, user logos. "Think of your business, if outdated scheduling processes are still in place at your business because that's how it always been, Your business is going to get left in the dus. Ditch a slow painful scheduling process for an appointment scheduling software tailored for small businesses."


Okay. We have more...so some calling out on some reasons as to why you might want to sign up for free. We have a scrolling image for some g2 reviews...easy online booking.


Some features here. Don't limit your business by doing everything yourself. Features, things that we can do with the app. Lots of stuff, clearly.


Some more social proof down here.


Some stats for use of the app itself. Here's another banner for a "sign up for free." So, we have lots of calls to action on this page, a good chunk of social proof as well, between testimonials and logos. There's lots of copy happening. But yeah, like I said, so many calls to action, oh my goodness, and they're all sign up for free. So they're definitely, definitely trying to drive sign up for their freemium, their freemium user account.


So, I'd like to head back up to the top the hero shot actually, because my...the thing that stuck out to me when I was scrolling through the page, and was that there's so much copy underneath the hero shot that very clearly articulates what the app does. What time tap really offers the user. But this hero shot is a really key moment in immediately communicating to the reader what it is that TimeTap does and why they should stick around to move and scroll down the page. If your hero shot doesn't effectively communicate that, the reader might bounce before they even get to all of the juicy good stuff below the hero shot. So it's really, really important that whatever copy is placed in your hero shot is designed to keep the reader reading and have them be intrigued and motivated to down page.


So we are going to take a little bit more time to do some live edits here with this eyebrow copy and headline combo. So our eyebrow copy here is the little little overhead copy that exists above that headline. What's great about it right now is that it does speak to a pain point that a potential user would be feeling. So that's great, right that the schedule is hectic and out of control. So, yeah, their target audience probably is feeling that. Calling out a pain point is a really great way to communicate to a reader that yes, they are in the right spot, because we get you, we understand what you're trying to solve for.


So, that is a great idea to include, we are definitely going to keep that part. The...the biggest issue that I have is actually with this headline because "but with time tap, you don't have to be", and I'm assuming they're meaning out of control. But even with this imagery here of a calendar going, Okay, scheduled appointments, it's probably a scheduler, but you really don't have a good sense of what this does. And there are so many appointment scheduling softwares out there, that it's really important to try to very quickly differentiate yourself from all of the other softwares.


And I know personally, when I look at scheduling software, I mean, I probably have 10 tabs open at once I'm looking at all of the pages. And this is a really key moment. If I don't think that the software is going to solve my problem, I'm not going to continue down the page. So this is why we're spending a little bit of time here.


So what I did, actually was I, before I turned on the recorder, I went over to g2 and I just scanned through all of the testimonials on the page. And what became really clear between reading those testimonials and then also reading the page and getting a better sense for what time top actually offers, is that time top is sort of incredible in that it seems to manage everything. It, it offers an appointment scheduler, you can use it to schedule meetings with your team, you can sync multiple calendars simultaneously across your teams, you can have an automated waitlist, you can sort of use it as a CRM and keep notes about your clients in the scheduler. It really does so much. And you would never get that from looking at this hero shot.


So. How are you supposed to communicate that in one headline, I'm not proposing that you, you do. Maybe with a little bit more time and working through the copy, we would be able to arrive somewhere where you could communicate all of those things at once. But what I did was I pulled, I pulled voice of customer data directly out of the testimonials. And we're just going to use that as the headline just to try and clarify what it is. I mean, this sort of speaks to a benefit of using TimeTap but it's not clear as to what it actually is. So let's at least try and address this.


So what I would suggest is take some of the current headline copy and add it to the eyebrow copy. Hopefully this works well with the editor in here, I'm not sure if there's going to be enough space.


Uh. No. There.


Yeah, this isn't going to look pretty but..."don't have to be." It would be better with formatting. Wonder if we can do this...there.


Okay, so we have eyebrow copy here. Now "your schedule may be hectic and out of control, but you don't have to be" we're keeping even the italic sort of inflection that they have included in their copy. So this is speaking to a pain point. Now this eyebrow copy, "your schedule may be hectic and out of control, but you don't have to be." And then with our headline, we could write "manage every aspect", this was really something that kept popping up in the voice of customer data, in the testimonials, is that users loved TimeTap because it really, it did everything. And you can do it all from one place rather than having to flip back and forth between Calendly, and your Google Calendar and your iCal and having all of those things sync together, this, you can just do it all in one place. So let's try and highlight that.


"Manage every aspect of your calendar with TimeTap."


This would, this should be better laid out, maybe we can do a little bit more..."manage every aspect, your calendar", let's just move that down to the bottom line. There, this looks a little bit better. The design might need to change in order to accommodate this copy. But now we are getting a better sense of what TimeTap actually does for the user. "Your schedule may be hectic and out of control, but you don't have to be, manage every aspect of your calendar with TimeTap." This now, if I were to land here, and I'm expecting to see information about appointment scheduling, I would at least have a better guess that this is potentially more than just an appointment scheduler that I can really manage every aspect of my calendar.


So again, we, we need to give the reader enough information to make them want to read down the page. It doesn't matter what's down the page if they don't move past the hero shot, which is why this, these first bits of copy are so so so important. And I really have to say that I really liked that they have done a call to action to watch a demo video instead of the sign up for free because they have that everywhere else on the page. And a demo video is always a really great way to quickly take a look at what the software does. This is...I know personally, it's one of the key ways that I quickly make a decision between whether or not I actually even want to use the software.


And so that's a really great idea to include that as the call to action right in the hero.


So now that we've handled the little bit of live edits in the hero shot, I'm just going to quickly touch on two other places where TimeTap has a little bit more room for improvement.


As I mentioned earlier on, the calls to action along the page really are all using the exact same copy, sign up for free, sign up for free, and there are so many, easily over five, I think probably 10. If, if we're if we're, you know, counting, there were a lot of that one call to action.


And it's great that they are really wanting to push that freemium account, it's very understandable. But there is more than one way to convert a reader and one of those ways is to use a call to value instead of a call to action.


I'm going to link to another post below where I actually dig into calls to value a little bit more. So make sure to check that out. But really, essentially, what we would be doing is instead of calling the reader to sign up for free, we would be helping, we would indicate to them the value in signing up for free. So it might be "start managing your calendar now" or like "automate your waitlist," "start automating your waitlist."


These sorts of things where we have a better sense of what that it's indicating what the...what's in it for the reader. That value. What are you providing to the reader that they want. Indicating that using that in place of a traditional call to action is a really great way to increase conversions when you have, when you want to place a call to action, but the reader maybe is not actually in a place where they are ready to actually take that action and doing a call to value will help to move them to take the action versus the actual just call to action itself.


The other thing that TimeTap could do is to...right now they have that scroller with the g2 testimonials further down the page. And it's great that they have testimonials. But I would really actually, I would love to see that not redirecting to g2, it seems strange. I...it seems strange really to have testimonials that lead to a page that's not TimeTap. So also to include testimonials that don't have, like, user images, I would want to see testimonials that are only using user images. It makes it feel more real to a reader. And it's fine. I mean, I understand that g2, you maybe don't have a user image. And that's why there there isn't one there. But I would advise that there's always a user picture attached to a testimonial when you're using it on your website because it really just helps it feel more real and authentic.


Yeah, so calls to action, social proof and then this hero section which we have done a little bit of like editing on.


All right. That is that. Thanks so much for watching this quick copy tear down. If you're wondering what I might have to say about your website, you can grab a link at the end of this video and you will be able to request your very own free assessment. Look forward to hearing from you. Bye!

Your turn: what's your #1 biggest takeaway from this website copy tear down? Let me know in the comments below.

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