There’s no room for guessing in highly persuasive copy.

Phase 1: Research & Discovery

I kick off our project with a critical voice-of-customer data collecting treasure hunt.

My mission? Gathering the secret sauce of powerful copy. This is the data that gets us inside your ideal client’s head. For copy that leaves them saying…

“How did they read my mind?” and…

“I know, without a doubt, that this is the perfect solution for me.”

This phase concludes with a messaging recommendations presentation on my findings and a high-level outline of how this data will guide the writing, wireframing and editing process.


Phase 2: Writing, Wireframing & Editing

This is the fun part…

I take that goldmine of data, roll up my sleeves, and sharpen my pencil. It’s time to write!

I use proven marketing formulas shaped by decision-making psychology. For copy that hits a home run with the right narrative and messaging order for your unique target audience.

With consideration for user experience and visual structure, I provide wireframed copy that helps you visualize the final product after implementation is complete.

Phase 3: Post-Project Systems & Support

We did it! Your copy is ready for implementation.

User experience and the visual structure of your messaging is one of my top priorities during this phase. I offer creative direction and UX guidance during implementation if I’m not personally involved in the implementation of your project (like website overhauls).

This is also the time where I establish your systems for future voice-of-customer data collection. Automation is key to my no-fuss data collection system.

I’ll set up your plug-and-play solution for easy installation on your website. And I’ll even manage the back-end collection of this data. Because I like to make things easy for you!

But, I bet you’re wondering what we do with that data, aren’t you?

This data collection system can be used in a variety of ways, including (but not limited to):

  • Blog content creation

  • Email newsletters

  • Email funnels

  • Future offer creations

  • Future copy reiterations

…and so much more!


Want copy that converts your target audience into dreamy clients?

If it’s doing anything less, your copy is not doing its job.

Copy backed by powerful data and sticky messaging that’s unique to your audience?

Yes please. Watch out world! You’ll be unstoppable.

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